New Trailer and Crowd Funding Campaign launched.

“The Cause of Progress” tells the story of the lives of three Cambodians caught up in the country’s chaotic and violent economic progress.

For the last three years Irish filmmaker Chris Kelly has been making an important film about forced evictions and land grabbing in Cambodia. Over half a million people in the country live under the threat of being thrown out of their homes or off their land as premier Hun Sen grants concessions for more than one third of the country’s most profitable land for commercial development by private companies. Chris’s film follows three Cambodians whose lives are embroiled in this – and who are fighting back.


But the film is at a critical stage of its funding: filming should be completed by the end of 2011, but right now there is no money left in the budget. We have been offered roughly half what we need to finish the film, but in order to access the offer, we first have to match it. Chris has a chance to pitch for these funds at the Edinburgh Pitch in June. But he is in Cambodia, and time is against us, the pitch session begins on the 13th of June. So over the next three weeks we are appealing for $3,000 so that he and his producer can get to Edinburgh. If we manage to raise more than $3,000 then the extra money will go towards finishing the film, so even if we reach our goal please continue to donate as your donations will get us a little bit closer to finishing the film.

Please follow this link to donate at indiegogo.

This is a film that aims to open the eyes of the world to what is going on in Cambodia where, as in Australia, America and Africa in the past, ordinary people are having their lives and homes destroyed in the Cause of Progress.

Spread the word.

If you can’t donate financially the there are other ways you can help.

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